Yoga | Chair Yoga

– Class Description

This Yoga flow is designed to show you how simple it is to welcome movement into your everyday life, even when you are sedentary. Using the chair you’ll twist, bend and stretch your amazing body, bringing peace and groundedness to your day. Keep these stretches in mind for moments when you find yourself sitting for long periods of time. Think: at your desk, on the train, in the plane, even at the cafe!


Track your progress


Make it feel good for you


  • Breathe in and out through the nose.
  • Be sure to use a chair where your feet can be flat on the Earth comfortably. 
  • Otherwise, have fun with this slow flow class which is super nourishing for your body.

Baby on board?


  • Once you’ve been given the go ahead from your medical practitioner to exercise, here are the modifications to keep in mind when pregnant. If anything ever feels too much or uncomfortable, please stop your MerryBody class. 
  • For all forward folds on the chairs, you may need to take your feet a little wider.
  • Skip all twists and instead, move through seated cat/cow.

“Find joy in the journey.”