Enjoy moving your body every day.

Also, love and accept your body again (or maybe for the first time ever).

Let Us Guide You

MerryBody is an online studio that combines Yoga, Pilates and Mindset to completely change the way you work out – AND how you feel about yourself. The Studio is 100% accessible… wherever you go, MerryBody goes with you.

Join us from anywhere in the world and begin your transformation with weekly workouts that strengthen, lengthen and tone your body. Designed to bring you joy and create the confidence you’ve always wanted.

“Normally I start challenges and never get through them, but MerryBody is completely different. I was inspired, supported and motivated by Carla and Emma as well as the community. I felt like I was truly a part of something special, instead of just a number and even though it’s called Merry ‘Body’, my mind and soul also benefited so much from this experience. MerryBody is MAGIC!”


MerryBody Member

Have you ever wondered…

“Why do I actually exercise?”

Get a flat tummy...

This is my trouble spot I can never seem to get rid of. I wish I had even skin tone and no flabby bits.

Lose weight...

I’ve tried every single diet, I continually fall off the exercise wagon, I’m forever starting a new health kick to lose weight.

So I don't feel guilty...

If I don’t exercise for a day or more, I tend to beat myself up about it.

Burn all the calories...

To work off the weekend binge so I don’t feel as guilty.

To get my 'old' body back...

I look back on photos and wonder why I used to think I was so fat… I was SKINNY! I wish I had known that back then.

I hate what I see in the mirror...

I don’t know if I’ve ever liked what I’ve seen in the mirror. There’s so many bits that I want to change. Tummy, butt, thighs, skin…

We’ve been where you are before… when you feel controlled by these negative thoughts.

It feels like you’re making up for not being ‘good enough’ and this impacts every moment of your day, every relationship, every choice. Here’s the problem with this…

It feels horrible! You’re angry. You’re sad. You’re on this never-ending whirlwind of trying to be someone you’re not. Forever wanting to look like the women in the magazines and Instagram, your best friend, your sister. Even if you reach your ‘goal weight’ you’re already thinking about the next thing to change: smaller butt, bigger butt, thigh gap, flatter tummy, skinnier arms, better tone, the list goes on.

It’s exhausting.

You know what? It doesn’t have to be like this.

Imagine if you could exercise and actually enjoy DOING it (not just the after effect!)? Imagine if you exercised because you LOVE and RESPECT your body? Imagine if you could stop obsessing about the number on the scales?

Sound good? Keep reading…

Exercise doesn’t have to be a form of punishment to your body. It doesn’t have to be a chore that you tick off on your never ending to do list.

It can be really hard to find an exercise you actually like, plus the whole idea around trying new things can be scary.

It’s easy to believe more is more… the more hours you spend on the treadmill the fitter and thinner you will be. The more weight you lift, the better the results. To make things even harder, we’re surrounded by a social media driven world that promotes self-hate and comparison, rather than self-respect and acceptance.

We get it. We used to believe all of this. We used to be in an obsessive whirlwind of fad diets and twice-a-day workouts. If we ate more than a certain amount of calories or didn’t spend minimum 2 hours at the gym, we felt guilty for days.

But EVERYTHING changed when we found Yoga and Pilates.

What changed?

We found a better way to workout that’s actually enjoyable. But it’s more than just movement… it connects the body, mind and heart.

We turned our self-hating reasons to exercise into ones filled with self-respect and love. We changed our mindsets drastically, it took practise, it took a bit of work BUT it was all worth it.

We finally love exercise. We are FINALLY friends with our bodies and we’re beyond excited to share everything we’ve learnt with you.

The combination of Yoga and Pilates was the game changer. As soon as we attended our first few classes we felt the magic.

The magic of connecting body, mind and heart. The magic of community. The magic of working out as an act of LOVE, not an act of HATE.

Slowly but surely we began to create loving relationships with exercise and our bodies. We started to feel confident again… not just because we could wear singlets and swimmers but because we felt strong.

We felt so good that we knew we had to share this. We trained at Essence of Living Academy with world class trainer, Michelle Cassidy, so we could bring our MerryBody Yoga, Pilates and Mindset Studio to YOU.

We’re Emma and Carla, founders of MerryBody Studio, your guides. Our wish for you is to learn to LOVE your body. To find an exercise that makes you smile and create the confidence you’ve been dreaming of so you stop saying no to life.

Real life sisters, bliss followers, health coaches and Yoga/Pilates teachers. Our mission is to guide you to accept yourself 100%, just as you are, to finally feel the freedom that a body positive mindset creates.
We’ve tried lots of different ways to exercise to get fit and be happy. We’ve spent years figuring out the keys to true confidence. We found our magic in Yoga and Pilates… but not just any Yoga and Pilates.
We had the best results when we had fun, laughed and surrounded ourselves with people on our side, friends who celebrate our successes.
Now, we’ve wrapped it all up into our newest membership, the online MerryBody Studio. 
Our wish is that you say YES! Yes to the beach! Yes to the date! Yes to the dress! Yes to the interview! Yes to LIFE!

This is what the MerryBody Studio will do for you.


MerryBody Studio: Yoga. Pilates. Mindset.

The online membership for your body, mind and heart.

Weekly Workout Classes

A brand new MerryBody workout class will be added to your online studio each and every week! That’s 52 new classes a year! Each class goes for 20-30 minutes and will focus on Yoga and Pilates inspired movements.

Complete Libray Access

Not only will you receive new workouts, meditations and masterclasses, you’ll also gain exclusive access to the entire MerryBody library. This includes an extra 24+ workout classes, 12+ mindset sessions, 14+ guided meditations you’ll always have access to during your subscription.

Monthly Meditations

Every month you’ll receive an audio meditation that will guide you to create your new loving relationship with exercise and your body.

Private Supportive Community

You’ll gain exclusive access to the MerryBody Facebook group where you’ll be able to connect with likeminded Merrymakers. You’ll feel safe, supported and encouraged every step of the way.

Quarterly Masterclasses

Each quarter (4 times a year) Emma and Carla (with surprise guests sometimes!) will host an online training. Each class will be filled with actionable steps you can implement immediately and teamed with a live Q+A where you can ask whatever you need to know.


Foundation Course

Within this Foundation Course you’ll get a set of warm ups, cool down stretches PLUS technique tutorials. If you’re worried about not being fit enough, flexible enough or strong enough, these video tutorials will help you feel more confident and ready to get your MerryBod on!


Monthly Focus

This simple way of making positive change means you won’t get caught up in any overwhelm. Every month will focus on a different aspect of your life combined with the power of positive affirmations.

Ongoing Guidance

Emma and Carla will send you weekly emails as well as be inside the Facebook group, available to answer your questions, keep you accountable and guide you to create a consistent, balanced MerryBody and MerryMind.


MerryBody has already transformed thousands of lives…

“MerryBody has been the most effective program I have participated in to improve my health and fitness in a very long time. I love the focus on proper techniques and how the sessions are designed for a variety of fitness levels. The best part of the program is the encouragement and enthusiasm!”


MerryBody Member

“I love that MerryBody can be done at home, anytime even in my pjs if I want. I love the burn after a Pilates session and the refreshing stretch after yoga. I love the breathing techniques and I’m even breathing better throughout the day. It’s a low impact exercise but a damn good workout at the same time, so fun and easy to follow. I’m feeling so much more flexible. Merrybody is what my body and soul needs.”


MerryBody Member

“MerryBody has made me feel love and appreciation for my body (something that I have never felt in my life), from doing this I am choosing foods that nourish it and make me feel good. I feel stronger and more flexible and am moving my body in a way that I enjoy! Emma and Carla’s enthusiasm for life itself is infectious!”


MerryBody Member

Become a MerryBody Member!

Choose the subscription that suits you best…

We’re excited to welcome you in!

MerryBody Studio is perfect for you if…

You can't get motivated...

No matter you try, you just can’t find the consistent motivation to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

You're sick of saying NO to life...

You feel like you’re always putting off your life because you’re so worried about what you look like and what other people think of you.

You feel like you'll never be able to love your body...

When you hear the words: self love, respect and acceptance, it feels so out of reach. You know you want to feel this way… you just don’t know where to start or what to do.

You feel anxious about trying new things...

You’ve been wanting to try Yoga and Pilates for so long but it’s overwhelming and you can’t find a place that feels safe and welcoming.

You want to enjoy exercise...

You don’t want your workout to be a chore on your never-ending to do list. You want to look forward to your next workout (maybe something you’ve never felt before?).

You lack support, guidance and connection...

You’ve always wanted a group of friends that celebrate your every success and encourage you to always do your best. Sometimes you feel so alone on this journey.

If any of this resonates… MerryBody Studio is for you.

“But I’m not strong or flexible enough.”

NO! You don’t have to be flexible, strong of fit to start your MerryBody transformation.

The MerryBody Studio is an online Yoga, Pilates and Mindset subscription. With the magic of ongoing guidance, support and accountability, your transformation can begin today.

We understand that everyone is at a different level, this is why we include modifications for all ages and abilities.

When you join MerryBody, you’ll be welcomed in as part of the community, it’s like an instant family. You’ll receive new weekly workout classes, monthly meditations, quarterly masterclasses, foundation course, private community as well as access to the entire MerryBody library. Not to mention ongoing guidance and support from Emma and Carla.

MerryBody is 100% accessible on all devices, everywhere you go, MerryBody goes with you.

MerryBody Studio will guide you to create a loving relationship with exercise and your body. It will boost your confidence. You’ll feel stronger, inside and out.


We designed this program to solve the problem we hear most often “how can I stay motivated to exercise and stick to my healthy lifestyle?”

The answer is simple… stop being so hard on yourself and take one tiny step forward and then another.

Let us show you how, week by week in our MerryBody Studio! It’s the first step you’ve been waiting for.

OH, Hello!

Meet your MerryBody Teachers…

Emma is your qualified MerryBody Pilates Instructor! She started practising Pilates at age 15 when she was diagnosed with scoliosis (curvature of the spine). Emma believes that Pilates is a game changer. With its low impact, small, controlled movement it allows everyone to transform their body, especially with Emma’s modifications for all levels. Yes, Pilates will help you create a peachy butt but more importantly it creates a strong core, better posture and confidence from the inside out.

Emma Papas

Founder + Pilates Teacher

Carla is your qualified MerryBody Yoga Instructor! The moment she tried her first Yoga class she knew she had to share this magic practice of uniting breath with movement. Carla believes Yoga is a game changer. Not only will Yoga lengthen, strengthen and tone your body it will also calm the mind and create a deep self-connection. No matter what your level of fitness and flexibility is, Carla modifies her MerryBody Yoga classes so there’s an option for everyone.

Carla Papas

Founder + Yoga Teacher


MerryBody has already transformed thousands of lives…

“There are modifications, so even a beginner like me can do it and I didn’t feel any shame in having to do modifications. Emma and Carla provide individual support too which is just amazing! Physically I feel stronger and more flexible. I’ve noticed my posture has improved and I’ve been getting compliments from people in my life that I am looking healthier.”


MerryBody Member

“I love MerryBody as it’s not just about working out your body by doing Pilates and Yoga… but also working on your mind, so you can get in the best headspace to get the most out of your workout sessions and also take the learnings from it all to your everyday life. It’s great to have an awesome workout but if you don’t have the mindset or motivation to do it then there is no point. Merrybody gives you both a great mindset and a great workout.”


MerryBody Member

“I had gotten myself in a rut and started to be a negative Nancy. I was doing no exercise and grabbing for the bottle of wine all too often. MerryBody reminded me of gratitude and a positive mindset. I needed to choose me! With a husband and 4 busy children it is easy to find excuses why not too. I am a happier person all round.”


MerryBody Member

Step out of your own way

YES! It’s time to ditch the excuses so I can feel confident, happy and healthy!

If you were to join your local in-real-life studio you’d pay anywhere between $15-$40 per class or over $1000 for a yearly membership! But we want you to get access to these classes, knowledge and expertise without having to pay a huge amount.

Not to mention, when you join MerryBody you’ll get 52 new classes a year, access to our entire MerryBody library and all the membership inclusions! While you’re a member you’ll be able to do the classes as many times as you like, re-listen to the meditations and receive the support and guidance you’ve been looking for.

We’ve made your membership affordable and full of value so you can experience the magic of Yoga, Pilates and Mindset.

Your MerryBody membership is just $37 AUD a month or $370 AUD for the year (2 months free!).

Next step

Steps to become a MerryBody member…


ONE: select your subscription

Whether it be monthly or yearly, there’s a subscription option to suit everyone! You’ll be directed to make a secure payment with your credit card or paypal. It’s 100% safe and secure!


TWO: gain instant access

After your payment, you’ll receive an email with all the details on how to access MerryBody Studio.  If you can’t find the email, check your junk mail or promotions folder or contact the MerryBody team.


THREE: choose your first MerryBody class!

Browse the library of classes and choose your first class! Keep an eye out for the new weekly classes, monthly meditations and quarterly masterclasses which will be emailed to you!

100% money back gurantee

We want to give you the best opportunity to create your MerryBody. That’s why we’re inviting you to fully participate in MerryBody and if you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

If you select the yearly subscription and then decide MerryBody isn’t for you, you can cancel within 7 days of purchase, simply email the MerryBody team here. If you select the monthly subscription and then decide MerryBody isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime, simply email the MerryBody team here.

Frequently asked questions

What happens after I pay?

Once you have paid via credit card or paypal, you’ll be emailed all the details to access the MerryBody Studio. If you can’t find the email, please check your junk mail or promotions folder or contact the MerryBody team here.

I'm not sure I can afford it.

We hear you – we really do. We know we’ve felt nervous about making an investment in our futures and trying new things! But think of it this way. You could easily spend hundreds even thousands of dollars on a gym membership and never actually go! MerryBody removes the resistance of going to the gym, as you can access the studio everywhere you go, as long as you have an internet connection! Plus, imagine if you were able to finally feel confident and LOVE yourself again (or perhaps for the first time ever!), that’s priceless.

Who will teach the classes and what qualifications do they have?

Carla is a qualified yoga teacher, completing her 250 hour teacher training. Emma is a qualified Pilates Mat instructor. Both ladies completed their training at Essence of Living Academy with world renowned trainer, Michelle Cassidy. They also teach in the real life at the Essence of Living studio each week on the Gold Coast.

I already exercise, will I benefit?

We always say there’s plenty of options for exercise out there but there’s no MerryBody. We’ve designed the classes to specifically build confidence and self-love, as well as tone, strengthen and lengthen the body. Plus… they’re fun. So it’s win win.

I'm not flexible... can I still do Yoga?

YES! This is why we do Yoga! We used to not be able to touch our toes when we bent over… and now we can, because we practised! Give it a try, you’ll be surprised.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes! We want to give you the best opportunity to create your MerryBody. That’s why we’re inviting you to fully participate in MerryBody and if you don’t feel we’ve delivered on our promise, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money. If you choose the yearly subscription and then decide MerryBody Studio isn’t for you, you can cancel within 7 days of purchase by contacting us here. Once you cancel, you will be refunded the purchase price and your access to the Studio content and private Facebook group will be suspended.

If you choose the monthly subscription and decide MerryBody Studio isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime by contacting us here. Canceling your membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month. For example, if you cancel anytime in January, you will not be charged in February. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from MerryBody Studio until the last day of your monthly access.

Is the cost in $AUD?

Yes! All prices are in Australian Dollars.

What if I'm not tech savvy? Will I be able to access the program easily?

We’ve made everything really easy to access, with a simple password access to the entire studio which you’ll receive as soon as you join. And of course, if you ever get stuck you can get in touch with the MerryBody team.

I'm a total beginner to Yoga and Pilates. Will I be able to participate?

Our MerryBody classes are perfect for all levels of fitness and abilities. Whether you’re starting out or have practiced before we’ll give options to ensure your workout is safe, fun and change-making!

What if I have a specific question that hasn't been addressed here?

Easy as! Get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you.

Yes! I want to love and accept my body again.

Choose the subscription that suits you best and begin your MerryBody transformation today!


MerryBody has already transformed thousands of lives…

“Prior to MerryBody I had been struggling to get back into exercise after the birth of my eldest. I felt I had lost the use of my body and had the idea that exercise had to be done in a particular way and time that was never available to me. Post MerryBody I am exercising regularly at all times of day and night. I am able to move my body in ways that I have never had the ability to. I love that the workouts are quick and easy to do anywhere anytime with no setup required (I have been known to do many in my PJs). Thank you for giving me and my family the precious gift of exploring movement again.”


MerryBody Member

“MerryBody is the first and only exercise routine that I have been motivated to continue with. But MB is so much more than an exercise routine. It is a lifestyle change. It is a mindset change. I’ve bought myself a bikini that I may actually wear in public for the first time since I was a teenager but I have no idea whether I’ve lost any weight as I haven’t stepped on my scales in months… this is because through the MerryBody experience I have discovered that the number on the scales is irrelevant. It’s not about how much I weigh or how I look but about how I FEEL and I feel stronger, happier, calmer, more motivated, more peaceful and more content in my body than I have ever felt.”


MerryBody Member

“I learned so much more than just doing an amazing Pilates and Yoga workout. Spending time focusing on my mental wellbeing was what I had been missing for so long. Now I can feel joy and gratitude every day, by changing the way I think and finding the positive in every moment. I am perfectly imperfect though and sometimes forget, but it doesn’t take long for me to remember to focus on the now, and to let go of any negative emotions. I feel like I am being a better mother to my 3 gorgeous kids, now that I have spent time on myself and knowing how to let go of stress and negative influences in my life.”


MerryBody Member

"Always remember: you are amazing, just as you are. Right here. Right now. Take a breath. Take a step."

– Emma + Carla, MerryBody Founders

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