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“MerryBody has been the most effective program I have participated in to improve my health and fitness in a very long time. I love the focus on proper techniques and how the sessions are designed for a variety of fitness levels. The best part of the program is the encouragement and enthusiasm!”


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“I love that MerryBody can be done at home, anytime even in my pjs if I want. I love the burn after a Pilates session and the refreshing stretch after yoga. I love the breathing techniques and I’m even breathing better throughout the day. It’s a low impact exercise but a damn good workout at the same time, so fun and easy to follow. I’m feeling so much more flexible. Merrybody is what my body and soul needs.”


MerryBody Member

“MerryBody has made me feel love and appreciation for my body (something that I have never felt in my life), from doing this I am choosing foods that nourish it and make me feel good. I feel stronger and more flexible and am moving my body in a way that I enjoy! Emma and Carla’s enthusiasm for life itself is infectious!”


MerryBody Member

“There are modifications, so even a beginner like me can do it and I didn’t feel any shame in having to do modifications. Emma and Carla provide individual support too which is just amazing! Physically I feel stronger and more flexible. I’ve noticed my posture has improved and I’ve been getting compliments from people in my life that I am looking healthier.”


MerryBody Member

“I love MerryBody as it’s not just about working out your body by doing Pilates and Yoga… but also working on your mind, so you can get in the best headspace to get the most out of your workout sessions and also take the learnings from it all to your everyday life. It’s great to have an awesome workout but if you don’t have the mindset or motivation to do it then there is no point. Merrybody gives you both a great mindset and a great workout.”


MerryBody Member

“I had gotten myself in a rut and started to be a negative Nancy. I was doing no exercise and grabbing for the bottle of wine all too often. MerryBody reminded me of gratitude and a positive mindset. I needed to choose me! With a husband and 4 busy children it is easy to find excuses why not too. I am a happier person all round.”


MerryBody Member

“Prior to MerryBody I had been struggling to get back into exercise after the birth of my eldest. I felt I had lost the use of my body and had the idea that exercise had to be done in a particular way and time that was never available to me. Post MerryBody I am exercising regularly at all times of day and night. I am able to move my body in ways that I have never had the ability to. I love that the workouts are quick and easy to do anywhere anytime with no setup required (I have been known to do many in my PJs). Thank you for giving me and my family the precious gift of exploring movement again.”


MerryBody Member

“MerryBody is the first and only exercise routine that I have been motivated to continue with. But MB is so much more than an exercise routine. It is a lifestyle change. It is a mindset change. I’ve bought myself a bikini that I may actually wear in public for the first time since I was a teenager but I have no idea whether I’ve lost any weight as I haven’t stepped on my scales in months… this is because through the MerryBody experience I have discovered that the number on the scales is irrelevant. It’s not about how much I weigh or how I look but about how I FEEL and I feel stronger, happier, calmer, more motivated, more peaceful and more content in my body than I have ever felt.”


MerryBody Member

“I learned so much more than just doing an amazing Pilates and Yoga workout. Spending time focusing on my mental wellbeing was what I had been missing for so long. Now I can feel joy and gratitude every day, by changing the way I think and finding the positive in every moment. I am perfectly imperfect though and sometimes forget, but it doesn’t take long for me to remember to focus on the now, and to let go of any negative emotions. I feel like I am being a better mother to my 3 gorgeous kids, now that I have spent time on myself and knowing how to let go of stress and negative influences in my life.”


MerryBody Member

“Normally I start challenges and never get through them, but MerryBody is completely different. I was inspired, supported and motivated by Carla and Emma as well as the community. I felt like I was truly a part of something special, instead of just a number and even though it’s called Merry ‘Body’, my mind and soul also benefited so much from this experience. MerryBody is MAGIC!”


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“WOW! Just did the Planking Powerhouse! These workouts are no joke! I just love that I can do them all in the privacy of my home. I love that I don’t have to jump around like a maniac (I HATE that!). I still work up a good sweat and my muscles ache for quite some time after I have completed the workouts. This is just HUGE! Thank you again for making me fall in love with exercise! I’ve always known how important it is and how good it is for you – I just never really ‘enjoyed’ it so much, until now. I am telling everyone I know so they can get on board with MerryBody!”


MerryBody Member

“I love that no matter where my body is at, each day I can show up and gift my body a workout filled with positive energy. I am an amputee and have chronic pain but I love that I can make any adjustments necessary and work to my level. I am proud to say that my strength in my legs has improved and I often don’t even need the option.”


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