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Always remember: you are amazing just as you are. Right here. Right now. Take a breath. Take a step.

– Emma + Carla

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Strengthen and lengthen your body with our range of bliss out and challenging MerryBody Yoga classes. 


Strengthen and tone your body with our range of high intensity and slow burn MerryBody Pilates classes.


Can’t decide on Yoga or Pilates? Have the best of both worlds with our MerryBody Fusion classes!


Tune into our range of Merry Mindset and Meditation sessions, designed to inspire, motivate and create presence. 

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Latest MerryBody Classes

Fusion | Ahhhmazing (22 mins)

You’re going to love this AHHH-mazing Fusion class. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s transformative. You’ll bounce, bounce, bounce… working that booty and those arms with some of your fave Pilates movements. Finish off with a fire-y Yoga flow that gets you into a bliss state of mind. You’ll notice this class is filmed from Emma’s home due to COVID-19.

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Pilates | Get High Go Low (11 mins)

This quick 10 minute MerryBody Pilates class will really get your heart racing, perfect for when you’re a little short on time. You’ll squat, courtsey and lunge it out. Feel your booty catch alight and create that inner confidence with this sweat making class. No doubt you’ll have a smile on your face for the entire 10 minutes! You’ll notice this class is filmed from Emma’s home due to COVID-19.

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Yoga | Wrist Love (7 mins)

This quick 7 minute MerryBody Yoga class will guide you through the ultimate stretches to warm up your wrists and forearms. If you ever feel pain in your wrists when you workout, do this class beforehand to help alleviate this pain. Also the perfect class if you use your fingers, hands and wrists a lot (think typing, knitting or tools!). You’ll notice this class is filmed from Emma’s home due to COVID-19.

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Latest MerryMind Sessions

Meditation | Extended Exhale Pranayama (7 mins)

Be guided through this calming Pranayama (prana = breath/lifeforce yama = control/discipline). Begin to breathe normally and then gradually extend your exhale. In doing so you will calm the body (the Nervous System) and find yourself in a blissful state. Focus on feeling the breath enter and exit the body. Focus on watching the breath with your mind’s eye. Notice the difference from when you begin to when you end.

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Meditation | Kumbhaka Retention Pranayama (7 mins)

Be guided through Kumbhaka Retention Pranayama (prana = breath/lifeforce yama = control/discipline). This Pranayama technique involves a holding of the breath on the inhale and the exhale. This technique is known to improve concentration as well as the way oxygen is carried around the body. It’s important to remember that if it feels too stressful to hold the breath, it’s better to let it go, the retention should feel doable and almost enjoyable.

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THEME OF THE MONTH: Breathe (5 new monthly meditations are here!)

– What you focus on grows. Focus on the lightness, the brightness, your dreams and the infinite love that always surrounds you.

Merry Playlists To Move You…

Listen to the music. Allow it to inspire your movement and joy. Feel it all around you. Every month Emma and Carla update their playlists for you.

Move your body, find your JOY.