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Always remember: you are amazing just as you are. Right here. Right now. Take a breath. Take a step.

– Emma + Carla

What Are You Looking For?


Strengthen and lengthen your body with our range of bliss out and challenging MerryBody Yoga classes. 


Strengthen and tone your body with our range of high intensity and slow burn MerryBody Pilates classes.


Can’t decide on Yoga or Pilates? Have the best of both worlds with our MerryBody Fusion classes!


Tune into our range of Merry Mindset and Meditation sessions, designed to inspire, motivate and create presence. 

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Latest MerryBody Classes

Fusion | Bliss and Burn (28 mins)

Bliss and Burn Fusion is the ultimate class to build strength and flexibility. You’ll work your abs, side body, booty and thighs with an effectively layered Pilates side sequence, followed by all the right long hold stretches you need to make you feel oh so deliciously calm. Are you ready for 28 minutes of bliss and burn? Let’s get on the mat!

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Yoga | Tune In Yin (28 mins)

Are you ready to tune in with this bliss filled Yin Yoga class? Prepare to dive deep within to slow down the breath and steady the mind. You’ll stretch your entire body during this 28 minute class of long hold poses. Forward folds, lateral bends, hip openers and twists… ahhh everything you need right now. Thanks to MB Member Jazz from the USA for this class request!

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Pilates | Slide and Dip (18 mins)

Get ready to Slide and Dip with this super fun Pilates class! This is a standing class, so prepare to work the legs, booty and abs. Welcome the fire as you squat, curtsey, tap… and of course, slide and dip. Hot tip: to find your balance, focus on one point on your horizon line that’s not moving!

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Latest MerryMind Sessions

Meditation | Let Go and trust (12 mins)

Let Go and Trust will guide you to let go of tension within the body and the expectations you have on yourself and the world around you. You will practice the art of surrender and realise that everything is exactly as it should be. 

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THEME OF THE MONTH: Let Go, Trust, Surrender (new meditation Let Go and Trust)

– What you focus on grows. Focus on the lightness, the brightness, your dreams and the infinite love that always surrounds you.

Merry Playlists To Move You…

Listen to the music. Allow it to inspire your movement and joy. Feel it all around you. Every month Emma and Carla update their playlists for you.

Move your body, find your JOY.